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Revolutionizing dining experience

Our contactless dining solution enables your restaurant to provide an end-to-end contactless dining experience to your guests, improving both guest experience and revenue. Guests scan a QR code to explore your menu. They order and pay using their phone. Restaurant staff can easily manage orders from several order locations & serve faster.


Scan, Order And Enjoy

With, your guests can view the menu and pay using their mobile phone. Users can order using the web app, no download or installation required.


Pay easily with their smartphone

Instafood supports various payment methods, such as iDeal, PayPal, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Bancontact & VPay. Through payment providers like Adyen we support any payment method available worldwide. Your guests can of course also pay afterwards without mobile payments at all.

Up & Cross Selling

To serve your guest as well as possible, you can add extra options to a product, entirely to your own liking. For example, with a cup of coffee you can ask if they also want a nice piece of apple pie, or you can suggest a bottle of water to go with a meal.

Work more efficiently with our staff app

Work more efficiently with the Instafood staff app. With the staff app you can see when which table ordered. In addition, you can also send notifications from the bar or kitchen when an order is ready.

Reports & statistics with our dashboard

You can get detailed statistics in the Instafood dashboard at any time. For example, you can see how many orders have been placed, the average turnover of each order and the products that are being ordered.

Personal offerings

Send your guests personal offers based on turnover or loyalty.

For Android & iOS

Instafood works on both Android and iOS devices. Therefor, Instafood can run on smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs.

Your own branding

In the Instafood app you can easily integrate your own branding. For example,Instafood uses your logo, color scheme, product photo’s and texts.

Build your own burger

Let your guests choose their own burger toppings. With Instafood, your guests can create their own burger.

Cash register integration

Instafood is linked to various cash register systems. Orders are directly linked to your own cash register and then processed like any other order.


In the Instafood app, you can add the menu in any language you want. Instafood then checks the language of the phone that is using the app and adjusts to the menu to that language.

Social Media

Guests can easily share their previous orders on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can even prepare a standard message for them to post.

All you can eat rules to set yourself

With Instafood it is possible to set different order restrictions. For example, we offer restrictions based on time, the number of orders, special menu’s, the number of people at one table and a limited number of rounds. Does your restaurant have other restrictions? Let us know and we will do our best to add these in.


Decrease operating cost while increasing revenue with

Restaurants don’t have to print new menus when changing certain dishes, decreasing operating costs significantly. At the same time, enables owners to easily integrate upsell-routines into their digital menu.


Try Free for 30 days | No credit card required

Monthly costs

  • Basic – Works best for small restaurants for upto 5 order locations. | $30/month
  • Pro – Works best for small restaurants for upto 20 order locations. | $50/month
  • Unlimited – Works best for large restaurants with 20+ order locations. | $99/month

What do you get?

  • Unlimited number of orders
  • Your own menu fully configures into Instafood
  • Implementation of your own corporate identity into Instafood
  • Configuration of payment methods such as iDeal, PayPal or CreditCard
  • Link to your POS system
  • Access to the Instafood control panel
  • Access to the extended statistics


To communicate the QR codes, we mainly work with stickers. This sticker contains brief instructions on how to use Instafood and a unique QR code. Of course we can print our QR codes on virtually anything and the possibilities are endless. 

  • Default Instafood stickers | $0,50 per sticker
  • Stickers with your own logo | $150,00 for 150 stickers (150 x 30 mm)*


In some cases, extra hardware is required to implement Instafood. For example, if you are not working with a POS link, or when using additional functionalities such as our smart watch link. 

  • Ethernet receipt printer | $200,00
  • Samsung Tablet incl. stand | $200,00
  • Samsung Tablet incl. case | $325,00


  • Your data

  • Company data

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